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With a legacy of over 5+ years, Tezzract is India’s fastest growing MSME Lending Platform. We are building the right tools, decision engines and new sourcing channels to creatively address the needs of MSME CREDIT for lenders & borrowers.

Founders Shaili Kajaria and Vivek Raghavan built KapitalTech successfully, disbursing Rs. 2200 crores. In their 2nd Avatar – they are creating an MSME lending revolution. Tezzract puts innovation, speed, and risk management at the heart of its products.

Tezzract operates in 20 cities across India with a passionate & growing team of more than 100 innovators.

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Clix Capital Services Private Limited (“Clix Capital”) & Tezzract Fintech Private Limited, under their Joint Strategic Partnership, are offering secured and unsecured loan products to MSME customers.

Our Story

We Got Started Because We Want to Start a MSME Credit Revolution

MSMEs often suffer from lack of formal credit. This is due to high information asymmetry, gaps in understanding of cashflow-based lending, & high penetration of informal lending. The application processes are cumbersome, the underwriting methods are archaic & risk management practices are penny-wise-pound foolish. If they do have the prerequisite documentation, they are often battling the challenges posed by the structural bureaucracy of lending in India.

At the same time, Many old-school lenders who are keen to lend to MSMEs are unable to cater to the financial needs of MSME customers. This is especially tougher to solve in tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India. At Tezzracct, we believe that strong analytics, tech-first approach and customer centricity can help build financial products, loan distribution channels and collection infrastructure to crack this puzzle.


Meet The Tez Team

Vivek raghavan

Co-Founder & CEO

Shaily Maheshwari kajaria

Co-Founder & Chief Analytics Officer 

Vinay chintapalli

Chief Strategy Officer

Usham kumar

National Sales Head

Aseem gautam

Chief Risk Officer

anand singh

VP Technology & Analytics

Abhishek jani

Digital & Product Head

Narinder Dhan

National Collection Head

Ankit pandey

Head Process Automation

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